Monday, July 30, 2012

Sa Kamay ng Masahista: DICE 07/26/2012

I can no longer contact my KFC (as everyone called their regular masseur) so I am in search of a new one.  I also need to meet my business partner in Davao last Friday so I planned in hiring RX before my flight to Davao in Thursday.  RX, though having mixed reviews, seems to be a popular choice in the forum but luck did not favor me in booking a night with him so I decided to look for other models. 

So I decided sending text message to three models namely DICE, ANDREI and ALEX.  All three did not respond to my text so I decided calling them.  All three did not answer my call.  It seems I will go to Davao with an aching body and a sad heart.  As a last attempt, I texted all three saying, “Wow…medyo busy yata ikaw…magpapabook pa naman ako”.  Finally, DICE replied with his rate of 2.5k which includes massage and ES (except being bottomed as he said). 

So I go with his price (I don’t know ho to haggle their price) nd told him to meet me last Thursday at SOGO Edsa Cubao before my 10 PM flight to Davao.  I almost had a heart attack when he said we can’t met this Thursday since he still in Pampanga because one of his co-worker died due to a motor accident.  I said no worries to him and maybe we can schedule our meeting after returning from Davao but he replied that it’s confirmed that we will meet on Thursday. 

He confirmed early-morning if we will continue meeting and I said yes.  He later texted me around 12 NN telling me that he’s on his way to Manila.  So I just finished all of my errands before my flight and went to SOGO Edsa Cubao and booked a room around 2PM.  I hesitated to book the room for more than two hours because I read some of his FRs wherein his session only last for an hour.  So I asked him how many hours I should book. He said 3 hours is short time.    I don’t want to be that straight-forward but I replied, I know it’s three hours for short time but ur session may not last for an hour.  He said, it will last for more than an hour. (AT least this is an improvement…).  So I got room no. 801.

Here’s my feedback: 

PUNCTUALITY – 10/10 – He arrived early than 3PM. 

LOOKS – 8/10 – He’s guwapo but not super guwapo.  His looks is more than enough to earn a 2nd look from girls and gays.  He looks younger in person than in pics. 

HYGIENE – 7/10 – he took a shower before our tryst but I was able to smell not so good smell around his armpit and groin but still tolerable so I just decided not to explore tht area during our ES part. 

MASSAGE – 7/10 – though he work in a spa already, he really needs to improve more.  His stroke needs to be consistent and I really did not enjoy the massage.  By the wat, it only last for 30 minutes and it’s only my legs, and my back he massaged. 

ATTITUDE – 7/10 – He needs to improve his people skills.  He seems so quiet and I initiated the conversation the most. 

ES – 8/10 – He needs to improve it.  He has really a tendency to be a Leila Dee.  After kissing my nipple, neck and torrid kissing, he lied down and ask me na ROMANSAHIN sya which I oblidge.  Only reason I gave him an 8 is because of his cock size which is really above average.  He got hard watching porn and me sucking him.  I heard him him moan once.  I got scared of it size so I did not ask him to bottom me and just ask him to do the ipit technique.  He only knows the kaskas technigque but suddenly went limp and suddenly I was surprised to notice he cummed already after less than 15 minutes of ES session. 

POSSIBLE KFC – maybe not. 

POSSIBLE REHIRE – for back-up plan only.  He said that he’s  stay-in in an MP in Kamias.  Easy booking. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sa Kamay ng Masahista: Chardie

I booked this guy when the blogsite "Lalaking Palaban" was just starting.  His looks may not be that attractive but I really don't know why I decided to hire this guy but it is already too late to back-out because this guy was so early.  In less than an hour after texting my room number, hotel telephone rang announcing his arrival.

(more to come)

Sa Kamay ng Masahista: Chester

I saw this guy being featured in SPAQUARIUM.  He may not be the most handsome guy featured on the site but his facial feature are so striking that I decided to give him a try.

At the instance I saw him entering the hotel room, I said to myself that his picture did not give justice.  He's lean compared to the bulky picture of him online.  We had a small talk before we started the ordeal.  I think he have so many bookings that time because his phone keeps beeping and ringing and I was getting irritated because he needs to stop from time to time to tend to his phone.  His massage started well but it soon become hasty done and before we know it we are moving on to extra service which made me comment, "Tapos na masahe?".

Well, he was not clear of the kind of extra service he can provide, so I am not expecting that much on him but I warned all my masseurs that I prefer good massage rather good extra for a repeat because of the logic of the SEX part being tagged as EXTRA.  It's a bonus part of a masseur's contracted service.  His extra is just fine nothing spectacular.


Looks: 8.00
Attitude:  7.50 (he was late for an hour)
Massage: 7.00
Extra: 7.00


FYI.  I am not sure what happened to SPAQUARIUM but this guy is now featured in BoytoyforHire.  Is he worth the repeat?  I'll give him a second chance.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why I am Creating this Blog?

Hi Everyone,

After watching the film, "Masahista", I decided to hire masseurs featured in yahoogroups and blogsites.  This practice has been ongoing for almost three years now.  I preferred not to go to massage parlor or spa because I am afraid that the place might get raided by police and I am not openly gay.  Before I usually refer to different yahoogroups but I moved my attention to different blogsites.  The reason why I created this blog is to share my experience with different masseurs I already hired.  Specifically the masseurs featured in different blogspots (like spaquarium, lalaking palaban, boytoy, etc.).

Aside from sharing my experience, I want to provide my honest assessment about the masseur.  The massage, the masseur itself, and others (you know what I mean...heheheh).  so the readers (meron kaya) can somehow will have an idea who they are hiring.

This is also open to any readers who want to share their experience with the masseurs they hired.  My only requirement is you must have a picture of the masseur you hired and the link you found the masseur was posted.  Ifyou are masseur who want to be featured here, let me think about it first.  Let's have this blogspot exclusively for the hiring people.  I'll weigh the option of featuring masseurs here.  I don't want to be accused of using this platform in getting favor from others.

Enjoy reading guys.

Sincerely yours,
The Masseur Analyst